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    Horizon understands the value of both Resource Planning and Work Force Management to meet the ever increasing demand placed on organizations by its customers. Using intelligent insight from leading analytical solutions we are able to help streamline your organizational performance.


    Resource planning is essential for getting the right number of agents to match your demand. It will minimize your organization’s personnel costs; provide the service that your customers expect and streamline contact centre performance. It is difficult to plan resources well without both skilled planning personnel and IT resources for this purpose we are able to offer a work force planning package that can be tailored around your organizational structure.
    Horizon provides three solutions that will make it easier for you to manage your work force requirements efficiently.
    Hosted Work Force Management Scheduling
    We are able to offer a hosted solution from IEX that will enable your Organization to forecast and schedule requirements effectively on a per- agent per month’ cost model. As this is a hosted solution we will look after the system software in our data centre, removing the costs typically caused by training IT staff by implementing software.
    Work Force Planning Management
    With the Work Force Planning Management solution we still offer the same but we will also manage your resource planning for you allowing your organization to concentrate on its core business. This option has considerable savings as you will not need to hire and train various analysts required for the day to day management of this solution.
    Work Force Management Consultations
    We have consultants available with years of experience within the contact centre planning environment and can consult on all aspects of schedule management and planning to help your organization achieve maximum productivity allowing service levels to be met and increasing customer satisfaction.
    Service Offerings:
    • Forecasting of workload and required staff
    • Integration of employees into the scheduling process
    • Management of working times and accounts
    • Analysis and monitoring of the entire process.
    Business benefits:
    • Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplified deployment
    • Improved contact center and enterprise performance Workflow automation that solves business issues


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