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    Horizon offers a variety of quality management solutions that can be tailored around your organizational needs. These include software solutions, consultation or training on quality assurance, compliance and customer experience.


    Horizon provides consulting services to enable you to make better processes, technological changes and maximize operational and strategic objectives. We believe in using analytics to achieve intelligent end-to- end solutions dependant on organizational objectives .To be able to achieve our vision we have invested in state of the art software solutions. 

    Some of our Quality Management Solutions
    • Quality Monitoring - Call and desktop recording for quality or compliance, Scoring and measurement for evaluations.
    • Speech Analytics - Uncovers trends and issues that definitively impact business performance and operations
    • Customer Surveys - Integrated customer satisfaction surveys.
    Some of our Quality Consultation Packages
    • Customer experience consultation & Training
    • Quality Assurance Management
    • Quality Assurance Consultations & Training
    • Operational consulting
    Quality Monitoring
    When customer satisfaction is vital to the success of your business you should focus on the quality of your interactions. To measure, improve and understand your customer’s needs, you must start with an effective monitoring technology.
    Our solution offers a powerful suite of monitoring options that include transaction- based recording of voice, screens, or both simultaneously. We have the ability to immediately record interactions on demand, or to monitor calls in a live setting.
    Speech Analytics
    Modern day’s contact centers contain volumes of information that must be captured, processed, and distributed on a daily basis.
    Using standard multimedia playback controls we are able to play back recordings quickly and easily. Synchronized voice and screen playback ensures that both call and desktop activity can be simultaneously monitored for a complete view of agent performance. We can offer a range of playback features, including optional web-based playback.
    With speech analytics technology, businesses have begun to leverage voice interactions as a source of relevant and insightful business intelligence for customer analysis, legal compliance and strategic operations. This technology is the industry’s only conceptually-based solution for speech analytics.
    The Power of Speech Analytics
    This technology not only enables basic key word searches, but also finds matches based on the main concepts and ideas that are discussed, even if the exact search term does not exist in the interaction.
    Speech analytics can be applied in areas such as:
    • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
    • Sales and Marketing Effectiveness
    • Product and Service Development
    • Legal Compliance and Litigation
    • Risk Analysis
    • Business Process Improvement
    Customer Surveys
    The long-term success of any organization, and particularly service organizations such as a call center, depends upon continuous improvement. Most call centers have numerous measures of individual, team, and overall call center performance. However, the key to continuous improvement also involves listening to customers to learn how effective the organization is in meeting their needs.
    Understanding customer perceptions of your organization’s performance can only be accomplished through a systematic customer surveying process.
    Benefits of Customer Surveys
    • Provides immediate customer feedback
    • Offers a direct link between agent performance and customer satisfaction scores
    • Delivers real-time alerts to trigger “save the customer” action
    • Cost-effective solution compared to third- party surveys    


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