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    Non-profit organizations and NGO’S have in the recent past have been under increasing pressure from Governments and Donors to be more efficient with funding and operations. By using Outsourcing Services such organisations then leverage efficiency and control in various areas of their operations.

    • Shared Services: Various Organisations can share a Customer help line, donation help line or such common service areas.
    • Telephony/Chat/Email Assist: Information can be distributed or requested from those in need. Mobile telephony widespread. Organisations can contact those in need and distribute services with ease. (Help lines, advice, surveys.)
    • Volunteer Management and Support.
    The lifelines of most charities are donations and by being able to reach out to these institutions, Horizon has the infrastructure in place to do just that. As Kenya prides itself with having a very lucrative and well versed task force, Horizon hand in hand works very closely with agents to ensure that the reach is available at every level to this sector.



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