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    The major challenges in the consumer goods and retail industry remain stepped-up competition, market complexity and polarization. Consumers are moving to low-cost commodity providers on one end and also migrating to high- value, premium brands on the other in search of retailers and producers who develop unique insights about their customers.
    Retail and consumer firms face various business challenges such as;
    • Safeguarding and improving brand value;
    • Moving into new regions and markets;
    • Managing strategic alliances;
    • Managing the ever changing market environments; and
    • Coping with profitability pressures.
    Horizon is able to offer a host of customized services using various solutions ranging from:
    • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • Marketing research
    • BPR
    • Sales support
    • Outsourced services in areas such as HR, procurement, finance & accounting, inventory management and IT outsourcing.
    • Analytics
    Horizon provides multi-channel customer service outsourcing to retail clients and their customers. Common advantages of outsourcing include streamlined order management, store locator, returns management, online store portal and shopping cart support, loyalty programs, consumer rentals and outbound contact for small balance receivables management. 


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