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    Horizon provides support for products and services to you by offering technical assistance to your end users in both the enterprise (B2B) and the consumer (B2C) space using various channels (voice, e-mail, web chat, e-services etc.) through a unified communications platform on a 24x7 basis.

    On the global scene, technical support is becoming a key differentiator for technology companies. The quality and coverage of tech-support provided by companies influences the customers buying decision and brand loyalty.
    Horizon offers a delivery model to service the support needs of your company by using several channels (voice, e- mail, web chat, e-services etc.) on a 24x7 basis.
    Service Offerings:
    Technical Support - Horizon’s Technical Support Framework helps clients support end users and customers through the entire product usage lifecycle - from product deployment and integration to continuous use, through warranty, post-warranty, product enhancements, version upgrades, field support and self-help services.
    Level 1 - Consumer Support
    Millions of consumers across the globe buy technology products for which they demand technical support. We focus on the following imperatives to consumer support:
    • Support base - The end users can be students, working professionals, or housewives who may not be tech savvy. Horizon gives focus to cultural sensitivity and accent alignment of the support engineers with the supported geography and target segment.
    • Supported products - At Horizon our approach is not only to provide best in class Technical Support Services, but also to add to our client's revenues through the technical support centers.
    • Delivery - The consumer support industry is highly process driven. A standard operating procedure (SOP) needs to be developed, implemented and followed through. Hence, at Horizon we lay emphasis on the process rigor and impart adequate training to ensure effective implementation as well.
    • Availability - Non-availability will only annoy the customers and the brand may lose out due to negative publicity. Horizon provides 24x7x365 non- stop support to ensure availability of the support service as and when required by the end users.
    Level 2 - Technical Support
    Horizon's Technical Support team assists the client in providing extended support to customers, field engineers and pre-sales teams. Horizon`s engineers analyze each case, isolate the problem, diagnose it, troubleshoot and then design an appropriate solution. These engineers have exceptional product knowledge and sound technical troubleshooting skills.



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