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    Horizon HR Services covers the entire employee life cycle. We work with you to help reduce your total workforce cost and improve your business performance. .

    Horizon aims to provide value added HR services that helps you achieve your organizational goals by:
    • Providing you with skilled professionals who are focused specifically on HR functions
    • Helping you reduce and manage operating costs of HR functions
    • Helping you reduce the turnaround time for the implementation of any HR initiative
    • Provide the backing of the entire team and their combined experience at Horizon
    Service Offerings:
    • Recruitment– Sourcing, Profiling, Interview, screening and post-employment monitoring.
    • Performance Management Systems – Competency assessments, Rewards and Recognition programmes, Promotion management, Succession planning and Career development.
    • Organization Design & Manpower Planning – Review Organisational Structures, process mapping and review of manpower requirements.
    • Process Design & Communication - We partner with clients to design, communicate and document functional HR policies. We aim to understand the prevailing process and incorporate the industries best practices.
    • Benefits administration – we work with you to ensure efficient, well formulated and tracked compensation and benefits cycle. Our payroll solutions are automated and give you a visual of your costs spread through your organization.
    • Moving HR up the value chain: You can shift the HR focus to policy making and monitoring and evaluation on the effectiveness of initiatives which makes the function more valuable. 
    • Reducing costs: you get upfront and operational productivity
    • Increasing effectiveness of HR delivery:
    • To aid organizational growth: Companies that are growing fast can lack the HR expertise or resources; they can leverage this by outsourcing to Horizon.
    • Providing greater expertise:  Our collective experience and expertise offers you a one stop shop with high skills which may not be always available at an organizational level.  



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