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    Horizon’s analytics utilize Business Intelligence to give your company visibility across the organization. Our aim is to give you relevant information from existing silos of data to enable you make informed decisions.

    With a Business Intelligence solution your company gains visibility, insight, operational alignment and accountability. With these powerful solutions, users throughout your enterprise can access, format, analyze, navigate, and share information across the organization.
    Business Intelligence & Information Management
    • Business Analytics - Horizon Business Analytics gives you a holistic insight, enabling faster decision-making and support monitoring business performance. Our business analytics is complemented with solutions around data warehousing, BI and performance management, helping our clients achieve complete business optimization.
    • Business Intelligence - Our BI services enable you to extract tangible information from your available data and also to deliver right information with accuracy and reliability.
    • Performance Management - Our Performance Management services help organize, integrate and analyze information, and facilitate actionable intelligence to execute and deliver sustainable business performance. Horizon’s BI solutions along with Performance Management (PM) solutions enable enterprises to automate and analyze business methodologies, metrics, processes and systems that drive business performance.
    • Information Management - Bridging structured and unstructured data is critical in managing businesses. An effective information management strategy helps organizations to interact with customers and their partners with agility and in making strategic operational decisions. Horizon offerings span the entire information value chain. We proactively manage information by streamlining business processes, managing redundancies and providing customers with much needed business agility.
    • Enterprise Data Quality - Quality information applications ensure completeness, conformity, consistency, non-duplication, integrity and accuracy of data. They help in monitoring an organization’s data according to key quality indicators; cleanse data where required and neutralize problematic data at the system’s point of entry.
    Service Offerings
    • Data Entry, Verification and Validation
    • Advanced analytics Bespoke reports that are designed with you to get you the right information.
    • Dashboards and visualization Real time views of your account and the performance at Horizon.
    • Queries - Reports and data can be queried to raise specific information.
    • Reporting Tailored to your Contract. Designed to measure our performance and your needs.
    Business Benefits
    • Increased agility and transparency with a combined enterprise resource planning and BI solution that consolidates data from multiple application silos and optimizes the reliability and accessibility of information.
    • Improve sales forecasting by analyzing the pipeline with integrated data you can trust
    • Heighten profitability by better managing sales deductions, such as product returns, incorrect freight allowances, and improper price discounting
    • Drive up revenue per employee by analyzing and maximizing resource utilization
    • Increase margins and cash flow by optimizing the cost, quality, and performance of your supply chain
    Business Research
    • Marketing analytics: Cross sell/ up-sell, customer retention, customer segmentation and marketing optimization.
    • Database marketing: Data discovery and visualization, campaign management, modeling and Analytical reporting.

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