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Training takes many forms at Horizon to add value first to our staff with the same reflecting through our service delivery. We have invested in our people and continuously do so from established individual and organizational needs. The underlying principle in our training approach is increased value for every person.

New Joiners – Our training is delivered using modern facilitating techniques geared towards making learning enjoyable and practical to the work situation. Client requirements are incorporated in this section and carried on the Ongoing Training and Development arm. We offer flexible models allowing the client to determine the level of involvement and control.
Ongoing Training and Development – continuous feedback and improvement programs give targeted training to our staff yielding high returns on operations, increasing staff motivation and confidence while passing the benefits to our clients. We utilize internal resources but also design specific programs based on needs analysis to meet internal requirements as well as client expectations.
Professional skills development – we support your career growth through partnerships and internal programs on technical training.
Soft skills training – while technical skills are key in delivering results, soft skills are no longer overlooked elements in workplace especially in intensive customer oriented organizations. We conduct these for all our employees to enhance their delivery, communication, personal presentation and management skills.
Learning tools – we have invested heavily in the facilities, applications, solutions and interactive learning environments to enhance your learning experience. This includes a simulated learning environment, full multimedia - audio visual fitted training rooms, thin client environments and other learning solutions.
Training availability – Horizon operates on a 24X7X365 basis. We have fully dedicated resources for training including qualified trainers available at our operational hours. This gives an advantage for offshore clients whose hours will require simulation for our new joiners but also gives immense support to operations through ongoing training and development programs.
As part of the training process, we have Internationally Trained Personnel who incorporate the best techniques and impart them to the new employees as well as providing strong peer support geared at developing the individual.



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