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Our clients and our employees are the core of who we are and why we do business. Our employees are committed to always delivering exceptional results; in addition to championing our values with a work culture which is committed to delivering exceptional solution offerings to our clients.

Our Human Resources capability is based on our three values:-
  • Innovation - We are creative, effective and efficient in our solution offerings geared towards enhancing the growth and competitiveness of our clients.
  • Excellence – We are unequalled in technology, operational processes and our people; setting high industry standards.
  • Integrity – We are transparent in our dealings with staff, customers & clients; and are uncompromising in our commitments.
In tandem with valuing our people we have invested in a modern facility which includes a Bistro, door-to-door transfers for our night shift staff, chill out zones and internet café for our employees as well as provision for an Infirmary.
Valuing our employees through HR practices:
  • Internal applicants’ right of first application – The general rule on vacancies is our employees have the opportunity to apply for vacancies before external candidates are considered. This encourages employees to perform well in the knowledge that career growth within Horizon Contact Centers is achievable.
  • Ergonomically designed workplace – We have an ultra modern workplace which has been aesthetically and ergonomically designed to mitigate work related illnesses associated with poorly designed/ventilated work places. We provide our employees with an Internet café, chill out zones for short breaks, door-to- door transfers for night staff as the safety and comfort of our employees is of outmost importance.
  • Regular feedback for continuous improvement - Employees are best placed to provide great ideas and feedback on areas of improvement within Horizon Contact Centers. Weekly and quarterly sessions capture these ideas; feedback also serves as updates on developments within the business.
  • Peer support for shared learning – Employees respond better to correction from their peers than from superiors. It is with this in mind that we have peer support being provided by seasoned agents firstly to assist new agents in adjusting to the Contact Center environment, and to also assist them perform better at their work.
  • Recognition scheme – we not only reward superior performance but also celebrate accomplishments by those who need recognition for making marked improvements in their performance.  









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